Little Bang Brewing Co

Little Bang is a clever, high quality independent brewery located in the town of Stepney, Adelaide South Australia.

Beyond the supreme quality of their beers, we love the fun irreverent branding and the fresh, innovative approach Little Bang bring to an ever-expanding craft beer market.

As the industry grows there are fewer exceptional beers let alone ranges of beers from the same brewery. Little Bang Brewing Co has produced at least 15 different beers we regard as excellent and which we stock today.

In addition, Little Bang manage to produced several limited releases each year that take things to the next level in terms of quality and experimentation. Hallmarks of the premium range include:

Premium ingredients, new and extended brewing techniques, crazy can art and a catchy name.

Little Bang is unmatched in its ability to produce so many amazing core range beers, plus an endless stream of seasonal and limited editions.

We regularly stock the 15 different beers mentioned above. Each beer has its unique flavour profile that shows skilled brewing and superb flavour.

Some of the Little Bang beers we regularly stock include:

East End Draught

A fresh, bright, completely classic Australian lager. A Perfect session beer great for any occasion.

Face Inverter 

Intense citrus super sour to really turn your face inside out.

IRA India Red Ale 

A great beer to change up your drinking experience. Imperial Red Ales are the best kept beer secret. Toffee pinecones, pineapple and dank.

Little Banger Session Ale 

A big flavour, big aroma American Pale mid strength. Lighter on the booze at 3.0% ABV

Naked Objector West Coast IPA 

A little unorthodox but works incredibly well! A rustic, textural West Coast IPA with more body than you may expect.

Scratchy Vinyl Black IPA 

A black IPA we all want. Rich, fruity hops low bitterness full flavour.

Sludgebeast Imperial Stout

A powerful beast of a beer. Features coffee, cocoa, vanilla, oak, and port. Rich and smooth. 12% ABV

Spacer Alcohol Free American Pale Ale 

This naturally brewed alcohol-free beer that delivers real beer flavours and aromas.

Undercover Fashion Police Hazy Pale Ale

Soft and fruity with a lovely dose of Hops. Such a versatile tasty, full-flavoured Pale Ale. Great can art!

Limited Release:

From their limited edition range the Little Bang Mango sNEIPA is unique and delicious! A genius hybrid of the most popular beer style of the moment (New England IPA) and the oldest beer style (sour beer). It's tropical, tart and juicy as hell. It contains a huge number of Mangos too! 5.1% ABV

Search “Little Bang” in our online store for the full list of our current range from Little Bang Brewing Co.


Brewing Up A Good Time Since 2013

Little Bang Brewing Co began with two nerds, Fil and Ryan experimenting with unusual homebrew styles which then gradually transformed into the national supplier we have today.

Even with their exponential growth, Little Bang have retained their original small brewer feel and character. As a result, the beers retain an authenticity and intimacy with drinkers that’s often lost by corporate branding.

Fil and Ryan’s intense natural curiosity and passion for learning combined with a love of beer and brewing help to explain why Little Bang beers are in such high demand.

Their overall passion leads to better ingredients, better brewing techniques, more attention to detail and acute sensitivity to the quality of the finished product.

Apart from their canned distribution success Little Bangs Brewery/Bar/ Tap Room/ Restaurant is also a booming success! From the early days locals would make it a compulsory destination. Nationally the beer nerds and freaks discovered it and soon made the pilgrimage.

We can only expect that Little Bang will continue to surprise and delight us with more adventurous concoctions while maintaining the supply of tried-and-true gems.

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