Garage Project

Garage Project are all about Innovative, high-quality beers that raise the standard and expectations of the craft beer market.

Garage Project produce beers in all the broad categories such as Sours, Lager, Pale Ale, IPA and Dark Beer but in each case offer unique flavour combinations that taste fantastic.

Garage Project are exceptional due to their ability to create very high-quality beers over a wide range of styles and consistently produce these over a long period of time.

With so many beer styles and so many craft breweries now on the scene customers can be assured that any Garage Project beer will deliver an exciting and rewarding experience.

One other rare quality we love about Garage Project is their focus on the can artwork. Beer is a sensory experience and is further enhanced by beautiful, inspired and aligned graphic design.


Wild Creations Are Served

The Garage Project beers offered at Candamber Liquor rotate depending on the seasonal availability and what style of limited editions are being released.

Consistently we stock the following:

Beer – Pale Lager

Golden Path – Hazy IPA

White Mischief – Salted White Peach Sour

Limited release beers vary in style but normally consist of a robust IPA or dark beer plus a Pickle Beer and hybrid Sours have previously been released and have been very popular.


One of the limited release beers currently available is the:

Hellbender American Barleywine - A leviathan of a beer made with over a ton of malt and a mountain of American hops. It will taste great right now, but a beer this big will only get better with age. What will it taste like in a year? Two years? More? Will you ever get to find out? 11.2% ABV

For an up-to-date list of all of the Garage Project beers we have available go to our online store and type “Garage Project” into the search box.


Garage Project – Beer

Beer Pale Lager

A classic, very simple and tasty Czech style Pilsner. Pilsner malt, Saaz hops, and Czech yeast. Sometimes simple is exactly what you want.

Petite Mort Session Ale

A rustic but beguiling blonde farmhouse ale, fermented with a cocktail of brettanomyces and Saison yeast and finished with a generous dose of Wai-iti hops.

The Golden Path Hazy IPA

A juicy, hazy, hop bomb with a surprisingly restrained alcohol content. A generous addition of Golden Naked Oats and Mosaic, Columbus and Strata hops create a beer bursting with flavour.

White Mischief Salted White Peach Sour

Low alcohol content, with higher acidity and a soft white peach and subtle yogurt quality allows for a super crisp, clean and refreshing beer, with a touch of salt to season. 2.9% ABV


Made By The Little Brewery With The Big Heart

Garage Project started in a disused petrol station in Wellington New Zealand. Back then they were a tiny operation which was perfect for experimentation and innovative beers.

Garage Project is a team effort originating with brothers Pete and Ian Gillespie plus lifelong friend Jos Ruffell. The trio share a passion for life and beer is one way they choose to express it. Pete loves brewing, Jos loves exploring and creating and Ian is infectiously great with people.

Today Garage Project have a much greater distribution in Australia allowing us to access more of their brilliant creations. Garage Project continue to create and experiment while refining their portfolio to give people more of the beers they love. Many of the limited release beers thought to be “one offs” have turned into regular releases. The biggest challenge now is fitting them all into the schedule!

Keep up to date with all the latest seasonal and limited additions by searching “Garage Project” in our online store.

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