Ravensworth Riesling Ancestral Petillant Natural 2021 (Canberra Region)

Ravensworth Riesling Ancestral Petillant Natural 2021 (Canberra Region)

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Some skin contact and then pressed straight into ceramic eggs. The wine was put into sparkling wine bottles and then left to finish. This created a natural sparkle, about two atmospheres, which means, if you are French, petillant natural. Think of this wine as fluid, as in ever changing. The yeast sediment is still there and will change the wine as it ages. Right now its fresh and zesty, cider like but these lees will add more flavour. Best to chill before opening and do this carefully, a natural wine means no 'agents' where added to stop it gushing. Roll the bottle to stir the sediment and then open and pour.
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